Software is the basic part of the computer system without which it is not possible to use the hardware. Software development is the process by which the program is made fir the system. There are many stages of the software development process.
First of all it is judged that for what purpose the software is required to be made. After determining the use of the program the next phase of the software development process is the selection of a right team. All the instructions must be given to the team in order to have the process of software development completed successfully. After the preparation of the software another important phase of the software development process is the checking of the software.


Raw data is used in order to check the new software. If the new software works well with the raw data then it is allowed to be used in the market. If all the stages for the development of the software are monitored properly then the software produced will be of a high quality and it would be liked in the market. If any of the phases during the development process is not good then the software would be not able to be used in the live programs and there would be complaints from the users. Many professionals are involved for the preparation of different programs and these professionals are paid huge amounts in order to make good quality products for different companies.

Many companies have the professionals for making the programs and these programmers are working as the regular employees for the company. Only big companies are able to afford these programmers as these are very costly. These big companies are required to make many programs on a regular basis and keep them up to date therefore these are able to keep these professionals busy and get good profits with the help of their services.

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